Help Stop Health Insurance Fraud

How To

If you were to peruse the Internet for articles on health insurance fraud scams and schemes, you would see that many of them are highly sophisticated operations and the losses are in the millions of dollars. Losses that are passed onto the consumer through higher premiums. Many of the investigations and successful prosecution of these criminal operations are the result of someone reporting something that just didn’t seem right.

The eyes and ears of law abiding citizens are a valuable resource in combating health insurance fraud. A mere tip from you could point health care fraud investigators toward the evidence needed to build and ultimately prosecute a case.

If you suspect a provider or consumer of fraud, contact the Kern County District Attorney’s Office Healthcare and Disability Fraud unit through the Fraud Tip Line at 800-619-3039 or email by using our contact form.

Fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid should be reported to the Medicare Fraud Reporting Center

Fraud involving Medi-Cal should be reported to the California Department of Health Care Services